Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The New Year 2010

The new year has started and I'm so excited about all the new things that I will be making. I'm working on a lot of different interesting things that will be in my future blog posts. For right now I have listed this corset and skirt set, for sale in my etsy shop. I am going to be trying to list as many as 2 new items a week in my etsy shop so my customers have a lot of different options. I've been doing a lot of custom orders that include a wedding dress, spring dress, dolls, and Chun Li oxtails. Pictures will be uploaded by next week, for a few of the projects. Looking forward to my upcoming sales. Happy New Year everyone!


  1. I just adore this corset Brandy:) it's actually one of my favorites!
    Everything about it is amazing with your use of Alexander Henry Japanese print in tatttoo tan:) LOVE IT!

  2. Thank you so much Tany, I'm so glad you like it!


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